Watches and technology


Jaeger Le Coultre table clock powered by changes in air temperature. 
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Automatic winding

In self-winding watches, a rotating oscillating weight - the rotor - automatically winds the movement.
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A bezel encircles the dial of a watch and is part of the watch case.
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Bronze watches

Copper-tin alloy used for watchcases since the 16th century and which has experienced a certain revival in recent years.
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A watch can only call itself an official chronometer if its Swiss movement has passed a test  by the independent Swiss observatory Contrôle officiel suisse des chronomètres
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the dial is certainly one of the most distinctive parts of a wristwatch. 
For most users of a classic wristwatch, the basic color of the dial in particular - in addition to the movement equipment - is an important factor in the purchase..
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Differential taxation

The differential taxation is of importance when trading with already used movable tangible assets.
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Greenwich Mean Time, also known as Greenwich Mean Solar Time.
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Manual winding

The manual winding of a watch means that this mechanical watch requires daily manual tensioning of the mainspring by means of the winding crown.
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Manufacture" is the term used by those manufacturers who develop and produce both the main components of their movements and other essential parts of the watch in their own factories.
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If the basic setting is correct, the moon phase indicates the position of the moon as an image or number
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Perpetual calendar

The first watches with a perpetual calendar were produced as early as 1920.
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Precision adjustment

The precision adjustment is the device of a watch for particularly precise regulation.
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Quartz watch

The quartz watch, is a fully electronic or electromechanical watch.
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is a chronograph with a double hand. This has two chrono second hands, which are started by a pusher in the crown of the watch 
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In the course of digitization and data collection, so-called "smartwatches" have become established among broad sections of the population.
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