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The success of the family business has its origin in the conviction of the founder Ernst Alexander Wellendorff to take only the best of everything - always the best metals, only the best goldsmiths and the best tools. Ernst Alexander Wellendorff began with the motto of producing high-quality jewellery and equipped both the European royal houses and the Russian tsar court with his beautiful pieces of jewellery.

The grandson of the founder, Hanspeter Wellendorff, transformed Wellendorff into an independent brand in 1970. Since then, a radiantly crowned "W" as a seal has adorned all of the company's designs and stands for the high quality of the house.

The fourth generation is already active in the company. Nevertheless, the philosophy is still perfectly implemented and transferred to Wellendorff jewellery, which today inspires ladies of the goldsmith's art all over the world.

The insider tip for jewellery production

Did you know how Wellendorff achieves the unique warm gold shade? In Pforzheimer Goldstadt, all jewellery articles are made from the best 18-carat gold. A sophisticated alloy, based on a top secret family recipe, gives the precious metal its characteristic Wellendorff gold tone.

Like no other piece of jewellery, the colours appear in such a special range of hues as in the creations of Wellendorff. But how is this even conceivable? A specially developed cold enamel is responsible for the bright, strong colours. The enamel effect also effectively accentuates rings, bracelets and earrings, but also increases their resistance.

Wellendorff has succeeded in awakening life in every single one of his jewellery pieces. The key to this liveliness and the fascinating intensity are the finest engravings at different levels. Cold enamel is applied to each level by hand under the microscope. The result is an unmistakable, luminous play of colours that really inspires.

Each Wellendorff jewellery carries, as already mentioned, the coveted Brillant-W. In addition to this legendary symbol, the treasures are engraved with guardian angel engravings. On the inside of rings and amulets since the collection "Goldengel" finest angels worked in gold engraving can be found for protection.

The patented, self-developed folding clasp is a technical highlight in the history of Wellendorff. The folding clasp is designed so that it can be opened effortlessly with one hand. However, the setting of the diamonds is also so cleverly designed that the diamonds sit particularly tightly and therefore more brilliantly.

How expensive is the jewellery?

The pricing for Wellendorff jewellery starts in the four-digit range and ends in the middle six-digit segment. The reasons for this large price range are quickly discussed: the price is high: the diamonds used or special designs drive the prices up. In the case of rings, however, it is also the number of rotating ring elements that can make the favourite part correspondingly expensive.

The official price table for the Wellendorff collections is extremely difficult to find. Pricing is often only possible on request - especially for limited quantities or especially exquisite designs.