Precision adjutsment

The precision adjustment is the device of a watch for particularly precise regulation. In the case of wristwatches, fine adjustment is performed by the manufacturer or later by the watchmaker, for example, with the help of adjustment screws on the balance, a swan-neck adjustment or a regulator that can be adjusted with an indirect lever. In the case of a fireplace watch, such as the Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos, the fine adjustment is carried out by the customer himself after setting up the watch by adjusting a spirit level integrated with the sight glass.

The 10 ways of precision adjustment

The first 7 ways all lead via the spiral spring

1. retractor
2. two-piece regulator
3. retractor with swan-neck
4. duplex swan-neck
5. retractors with eccentric screws
6. etachron
7. triovis system

The last 3 ways lead via the moment of inertia

8. regulation by means of adjustment screws
9. regulation by means of adjusting rollers
10. regulation by internal screws

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