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Nomos Glashütte
180 - Nomos Glashütte Tangente Neomatik 41 Update
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1165 Nomos Glashütte Metro Neomatik 41 Update
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Watches from the beautiful town of Glashütte are among the most coveted in the world. The watchmakers and manufactories from Glashütte must meet very special quality requirements to boast of this world-famous name. Traditional watches have been manufactured here for 170 years. Since 1990, Nomos has also been one of the manufactories that can adorn themselves with this name.

Nomos Glashütte models and prices

Nomos offers 12 different model series. So there is something for every lover. From Ahoy to Zurich, each model embodies style, elegance, quality and functionality.
As the name suggests, the Nomos Ahoi is made for water. It can be worn as a men's or women's watch and is available in 36mm and 40mm. Like many other model series, the Ahoi line also has a beautiful visible floor to see the fascinating movement. A Nomos Glashütte Ahoi automatic steel floor steel 40mm 555 is already available for € 2.205,-.
The Nomos highway was introduced in 2018 and is immediately hit. The three different variants show a sleek, clear, new design. A Nomos Glashütte Autobahn Neomatik 41 Date in night blue is already available for € 3.035,-.
The Nomos Club belongs to the Campus series and has been perfectly produced as a gift for special school achievements. Whether to the existed Abitur or successfully completed study or training, this clock is perfect for this cause. A Nomos club manual winding is already available starting from 920, -.
The Nomos Lambda series shows restrained elegance with beautiful filigree details. A Nomos Lambda 39 rose gold with exposed base is already available for € 10.235,-.
The Nomos Ludwig is one of the most classic model series. The elegant Roman numerals add that certain something extra. A Nomos Ludwig 33 Duo manual winding is already available for € 905, -.
The Nomos Metro inspires by the many small details, as for example the Shell Cordovan leather straps. A Nomos Metro 38 manual winding is already available for € 1.645,-.
The Nomos Minimatik is available in three different variations. Black with white dial, beige and blue. A Nomos Minimatik steel 35mm is already available for € 2.335,-.
The Nomos Orion is a discreet, traditional watch with filigree details. The choice between the delicate, multi-coloured hands in blue, silver or gold lends each watch a very special flair. A Nomos Glashütte Orion 33mm is already available from € 1.235,-.
The Nomos Tangente is a further classical model and is however most varied. In this model series there is really something for everyone. Whether for particularly tradition-conscious wearers who want a very classic model or wearers with particularly delicate wrists in 33mm diameter, or sporty wearers who want to call one of the very popular Nomos Sport neomatik 42 Date their own. These are already available for € 3.175,-.  
The Nomos Tangomat is the first model series with automatic movement. A Nomos Tangomat automatic with 38mm visible bottom is already available for € 1.985,-.
The Nomos Tetra is something very special. The square, extra-flat housing immediately attracts attention. A Nomos Tetra 27 Duo manual winding is already available for € 1.085,-.
The Nomos Zurich is available both in the classic version and with world time. A Nomos Glashütte Zürich world time automatic with 40mm visible bottom is already available for € 3.595,-.

Nomos Glashütte - Design and functionality as trademarks

Nomos is known for its beautiful design. The elegant restraint is characteristic for this manufactory. But also the functionality and technology in these watches is of the highest level. The last 200 years of watchmaking have produced many admirable techniques, but in 2014 Nomos managed to attract attention with the Swing System. The in-house range has been gradually incorporated into all model ranges ever since.
Nomos Glashütte with a powerful manufactory

The requirements to be allowed to boast the name Glashütte are particularly high. This serves quality assurance purposes. Because Glashütte is known throughout the world as a watchmaking town. At least 50% of the added value on the calibre must be provided locally in Glashütte. Nomos, however, is the best here and achieves up to 95%. Characteristics of a Glashütter clock are for example
The three-quarter board
The Glashütte Gesperr
The gooseneck fine adjustment
Temperature blued screws
Cutting techniques: Perlage, Glashütte strip cut and sun cut

Nomos Glashütte special models

Some very well known special models have been released by Nomos. Each of them was sold out within a short time. One of them is the Nomos Glashütte "Ärtze ohne Grenzen" with the unmistakable red 12. Of every sold model

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