Mothers Day

May 9 is Mother's Day. On this day, we want to celebrate mothers around the world for the hard work they do every day.
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Hublot Black Magic

In a short time, Hublot has earned the reputation of being one of the most creative Swiss watch brands. Futuristic design and original mix of materials make a Hublot watch an exclusive accessory with great recognition value
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The perfect graduation gift

Graduation is a very special moment in the life of a growing person. A stage of life is coming to an end and a new, exciting stage is about to begin.
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Vintage or new edition?

Those who are familiar with the Watchdeal company history know that we used to deal a lot with older watches. But this requires a lot of knowledge and also experience, with older watches you can not only go by the model but also have to keep an eye on possible defects. 
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Hublot - A brand like no other

When you hear Hublot, you think of luxury watches of the master class. Many assume that Hublot is as long-established as many other Swiss watch brands such as IWC, Chopard or Ebel, but the brand has only been around for a good 40 years and has only really been known for about 15 years. 
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Corona and the Swiss watch industry

Covid-19 has made itself felt in every area of life and in every industry. The watch industry has not been spared from the pandemic either. 
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Tipps buying watches

Buying your new watch is something special. What there are preliminary considerations to make and what they must pay attention to especially when buying on the Internet, we will cover in this article. 
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Minimalistic watches

Watches that put their main focus on elegance instead of frills - minimalist watches - are becoming more and more popular.
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Stainless steel watches

They are the sporty classic and the watches. Shiny polished they are noble and suitable as dresswatch, matted it is a toolwatch. Stainless steel watches are also suitable as a chic ladies' watch worn with a costume.
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Watches for under € 1.500,-

If you want to have a beautiful watch, you have to dig deep into your pocket - this is not true. In this article we want to look at the beautiful and somewhat cheaper watches

Longines Heritage Legend Diver

As of now, The Longines Legend Diver Watch, one of Longines' first diving watches and the flagship of the brand's Heritage collection, is also available with a bronze and titanium case.


Christmas 2020

The year 2020 has certainly been imagined differently by everyone, even in the watch industry the effects of COVID - 19 have been noticed. 


Popular watches 2020

The year 2020 may not have brought us as many watch fairs as we had hoped - but new watches were nevertheless presented. We would like to take a closer look at the most popular watches of the year

COVID - 19

All of your questions about Covid and your watch

Maradona - Hand of God

The legend on the football field, Diego Maradona, a legendary figure of Latin America and one of the most famous sportsmen in the world, died on Wednesday at the age of 60 in his country of birth, Argentina.

552 - Nomos Glashütte Ahoi Atlantic Sapphire Crystal Case Back
RRP 3.140,00 EUR
Only 2.502,00 EUR
incl. tax (Germany) excl. shipping cost inside EU included
D008.427.16.017.00 Union Glashütte Noramis Chronograph
RRP 2.550,00 EUR
Only 1.935,00 EUR
incl. tax (Germany) excl. shipping cost inside EU included
01 737 7721 4031-07 5 21 65FC - Oris Artelier Chronometer Date Steel
RRP 1.750,00 EUR
Only 1.370,00 EUR
incl. tax (Germany) excl. shipping cost inside EU included
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