Individual: To make a VAT reduced purchase you have 2 options:

1.) If we send the watch to a third country (all countries outside the common economic area of the EU),
we refund 19% VAT

There is an extra € 190.- for shipping, insurance and customs clearance for them. The import duty for your recipient country will then be levied by your competent authority.
Due to the Washington Species Conservation Program, we may not be able to export a croco bracelet with the watch. We would have to send it to an alternative address within the EU. Private individuals are not subject to these regulations.

2.) Alternatively, you can also send the watch to
pick up in Stuttgart

would then pay the complete gross amount and you would have to have the original invoice stamped by the German customs and send it back to us with a copy of the identity document showing the foreign place of residence, we would then transfer the VAT to your account.

At large airports there are also companies such as Global Blue, which buy up invoices, but only pay part of the VAT (usually about 14%).

Company: In order to buy VAT-free as a company, we need your full address with company name, VAT number (VAT ID number), as well as a confirmation of registration (commercial register), not older than 6 months.