Nomos Glashütte Tangomat

635 - Nomos Glashütte Tangomat GMT
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604 - Nomos Glashütte Tangomat Ruthenium Date Exhibition Case Back
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602 - Nomos Glashütte Tangomat Datum
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603 - Nomos Glashütte Tangomat Ruthenium Exhibition Case Back
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601 - Nomos Glashütte Tangomat
RRP 2.480,00 EUR
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Tangomat NOMOS Glashütte

When the silver mines in the small Saxon town of Glashütte were exploited, resourceful entrepreneurs turned to watchmaking. Since that time, Glashütte has been producing high-quality and outstanding ladies' and men's watches. NOMOS' past is not quite as traditional and varied, but it is exciting. After initial positive developments, the beginning under this name failed completely and the then company finally had to file for insolvency. One man recognized the possibilities of the company name and founded the Manufactur NOMOS Glashütte/SA Roland Schwertner KG in 1990. In order to be allowed to bear the name Glashütte, production is mostly necessary in the small town. A requirement that the modern house easily fulfills. The young employees use their own movements, such as the Tangomat, to build valuable and first-class wristwatches

Tangomat simply elegant

Like all models of the worldwide renowned company, the Tangomat impresses with its remarkable clarity. The stainless steel case not only allows a view of the dial, but also has a transparent back. The watch straps are made of special water-resistant leather, which naturally makes them ideal for everyday use. The Tangomat, often touted as the big sister of the Tangente, the first successful model from NOMOS Glashütte, has become a true classic. This collection also includes watches with a date display and second time zone. The Tangomat will simply delight all those who do not want to make a big fuss and prefer the quality of high-quality movements.

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