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So when you think: "from whom do I buy my dream watch?", the arguments price and trustworthiness should be in the foreground.
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What are good, well-known and high-quality watch brands? Which are the classic luxury watch brands? 

These and similar questions confront prospective buyers of ladies' or men's watches




The most beautiful things in life, tell a story - and the best stories are told by our watches. In our expertly prepared brand stories,
you will learn everything about the world's most important watch brands, from traditional manufacuterers like Breitling and Chopard
to newer watch companies like Nomos Glashütte and Hublot. Join us on a journey through groundbreaking technical developments,
unique watch details and exciting success stories.​

Which watch brands offers Watchdeal

You will find a wide range of well-known watch brands in our assortment. Especially popular brands are 

Breitling is known throughout the world for its unique chronographs and has played a leading role in the evolution of the complication. Breitling is among the few watch brands that produce their own chronograph movements and equip them with very user-friendly functions - such as the second time zone. Breitling has so much confidence in its own movements that every watch with its own movement caliber comes with a 5 - year warranty. All Breitling mechanical movements are built in La Chaux-de-Fonds at Breitling Chronometrie under the strictest quality standards.

As one of the most traditional watch manufactures, Ebel is known worldwide. Founded in 1911 and named after the Eugene Blum and Alice Levy (Eugene Blum et Levy). With models such as the Classic Lady or Wave, Ebel is still appreciated by many watch lovers.

Hublot has quickly earned the reputation of being one of the most creative Swiss watch brands. Futuristic design and original mix of materials make a Hublot watch an exclusive accessory with great recognition value. Experimenting with colors and unusual materials is a style-defining characteristic of Hublot.

Nomos Glashütte
Watches from the beautiful town of Glashütte are among the most sought-after in the entire world. Watchmakers and manufactures from Glashütte have to meet very specific quality requirements in order to boast this world-renowned name. Watches rich in tradition have been manufactured here for 170 years. Since 1990, Nomos has also been one of the manufactories that can boast this name.

Oris is especially known for its four model series, which it continues to perfect. This also includes always current themes. Due to the wide range of models, there is a watch for every taste in the house of Oris. The mixture between traditional watches and modern technology inspires watch lovers all over the world. However, Oris can convince especially by the middle price segment and the high-quality watchmaker art.  

TAG Heuer 
TAG Heuer watches are known and loved for their classic, sporty design and highest technical precision. Founded in the 19th century by Edouard Heuer, the watch manufacturer quickly made history with the first patent for a stopwatch mechanism. One of the reasons why a TAG Heuer watch is so popular with racing drivers like Ayrton Senna, Gilles Villeneuve and Lewis Hamilton. But also Hollywood icon Steve McQueen helped the watch manufacturer to international popularity. He wore the famous TAG Heuer Monaco model in his movie "Le Mans".

Union Glashütte
Union Glashütte is a byword for affordable, luxury timepieces. Concise, robust, functional with mature design convince the watches of the Saxon brand. Discover the offer it ranges from sporty to elegant.

What does Watchdeal offer

We offer you over 30 years of experience, safe purchase of new watches with box and papers from German jewelers at best prices and service at the highest level by mail or over the phone. We want to make the purchase of such a high quality product as pleasant as possible.

What does delivery time on request mean

Each of our watches is ordered new from a German jeweler. Delivery times vary depending on the model and manufacturer. Watches from Nomos Glashütte usually have a relatively short delivery time of about 2 - 4 weeks. Watches from Omega or IWC, especially the sports models, usually have a longer delivery time of 8 months or more. Since there is no blanket answer to this, we have to inquire about each watch and can then pass this information on to them. However, since we have no influence on the delivery of the manufacturers, this is always about information.

I have found a cheaper offer

You have found your favorite watch and are now comparing prices on the Internet from different sellers. We would like to offer you the best price, if possible. Please note here that we can only potentially adjust our price for comparable offers. Here the devil is in the details. Many seemingly very cheap offers are actually "unworn" models and not new. We only offer new models.
Many watches come from outside Europe, we offer a German watch from a German concessionaire.
Many watches come from outside Europe. When importing to Germany, German VAT is always due here, which is not shown in the original offer.

How does an order at Watchdeal work

You have found your favorite watch and would now like to order it from Watchdeal. As soon as you have placed the order on our website you will receive a confirmation of receipt, here you will not yet see any bank information or PayPal payment option, as the availability is first checked. As soon as we have received the feedback from our jewelers we will send you an order confirmation with the delivery time information and in case of longer delivery times the request for a 10% deposit. If you see that the delivery time is too long, you have the possibility to cancel your order. However, if you agree, you make the deposit and as soon as we have received it, we will order the watch.
As soon as we receive the watch, we will let you know and you will have the possibility to arrange a pick-up date with us and either transfer the remaining amount in advance, make a real-time transfer on site or bring it in cash.
Please note that for higher cash amounts, a copy of the identity card or passport will be made due to the money laundering law.
If you want the watch to be sent by courier free of charge within Germany, please transfer the remaining amount and we will arrange a delivery date with you. We do not ship by DHL, Hermes or GLS so it is mandatory that a member of your household is present to receive the package.
Alternatively, you can now specify a different delivery address. We also offer delivery to your company address, relatives or acquaintances.

Experience with Watchdeal

After your purchase, we ask you to share your experience with us and other potential customers. You can find numerous testimonials and reviews on Trustedshops and Google Reviews.
For us, the smooth process, as well as your satisfaction is very important and we want to bring you a lot of joy with your new watch at an unbeatable price.

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